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Monday, August 25th, 2014
2014-08-25-10.59 [Aug*Mon]
Write Your Own Blues Song!

I attach here a link to a small mp3 kit to make your own blues song.

you supply the lyrics/singing, these are just backing riffs&;

[when i get some more time, i'll append a blues writing formula if enough demand surfaces]

Here&;s the zip file with all sound bites:

here&;s each individual piece:

Standard Blues riff:

DELUXE Blues Riff:

Guitar Riff:

Longer Riff:

Transition Riff:

Comma Riff:

&;It&;s So Hard&; Chorus:

&;She&;s Got The&; Chorus:


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Sunday, April 6th, 2014
2014-04-06-10.02 [Apr*Sun]
Be Whomever You Want – Unless It’s Wonder Woman. ALWAYS Be Wonder Woman!

here&;s another secret: 
every woman is every archetype.
help them see that- and they all become wonder-ful.
Some just choose to embrace specific manifestations.
and more power to them, as long as it&;s a conscious choice.

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Tuesday, March 18th, 2014
2014-03-18-12.56 [Mar*Tue]
On the Nature of Religious or Other Beliefs

I&;m not sure I can provide any further insights into others beliefs&; however, I myself believe that we, as humans, operate much more effectively when we anchor ourselves to something- a thought, an idea, a belief, a principle. something to help give us a &;foundation&; from which to operate. We are constantly trying to understand the unknowable- by whatever &;terms&; our particular set of &;foundations&; can abide by.

Sometimes, as we become more &;aware&; of things- we question those foundations, refine them- and improve upon them . And sometimes we don&;t. A great deal many of us recognize that we &;evolve&; based on fresh information- and many recognize that how the species operated even 200 years ago is way different than today- based on our capacity to learn and adapt. Some can even go so far as to recognize that many things we once believed can rightfully be called &;superstitions&; in a &;modern context&;..

Some can go even further and speculate [or imagine] that even our thinking today is probably still superstitious- but we simply don&;t yet have the tools/knowledge necessary to prove it- and thereby shift our foundational thinking and adapt accordingly. But luckily for the species, there are those willing to try. However, not always in a unified front way, and not always in an ethical or non-violent way. Such is the beauty of &;free-will&;.

The bottom line is- no matter where we are at, with our own &;foundation&; &; if we can at least be aware enough to, at minimum, tolerate or even afford a modicum of respect to others with the foundations they&;re at- and, if appropriate, perhaps shed a little light, in an extremely compassionate and non-violent way &; such that the species is advanced.


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Tuesday, February 11th, 2014
2014-02-11-09.28 [Feb*Tue]
Limits to Love and Attraction?

This is my firm belief.

The only limits to love and attraction are the ones we ourselves allow to put on ourselves. whether because we &;buy into&; societal pressures, cultural norms or other programming&;we are capable of loving at such a grand scale, but hold ourselves back- often due to this programming and/or fear associated with the &;need&; to control us via this programming.

If this scares you, I would request you examine WHY this is a scary concept for you? If your answer is, because the law/bible/somebody&;s rules&; say this is &;wrong&;- you EXAMINE. DEEPLY examine whether this is truly an accurate reflection of reality? It may be that for *YOU*, such levels of loving or being attracted may not be available- but can you imagine or see that it could be available for others? If it isn&;t accessible to you- some self-reflection might help you better understand why this isn&;t something that you can see for yourself. It could be that you simply haven&;t imagined the possibility, or are uncomfortable or even afraid of this possibility?

If, after examining for yourself why this statement might make you uncomfortable- you can start expanding your boundaries easily by imagining that you love or feel goodwill at least, to others you already meet and interact with. Attraction doesn&;t have to be part of the equation- just goodwill and compassionate Love for others can help you grow further into the idea of being able to Love without limits.

Try it. It might be a fun experiment!

-=( Cross-posted to/from InZenity )=-


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Sunday, January 26th, 2014
2014-01-26-18.57 [Jan*Sun]
Do I ‘believe’ in Ghosts?

I believe the possibility exists of states of existence and / or other ‘explanations’ to phenomena that we have yet to experience or have the appropriate level of understanding/sophistication or even instrumentation to ‘measure’ such things.

IE: we can only truly ‘see’ so many colors [ROYGBIV, but not ultra, infra-etc]- but we do see rainbows. Dogs have a more limited visual sensory  range and cannot even see rainbows at the level we see them.

Other things can and probably DO exist that go beyond our current biological, physical, technological or even comprehensive capacities… therefore- a ‘ghost’ may exist, but as a manifestation of something we are not yet capable of ‘peering’ into .. (higher level of vibration, as in the color example..etc)

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Friday, December 6th, 2013
2013-12-06-17.45 [Dec*Fri]
Christmas Poem For Japanese ESL Student(s)
I have a friend who teaches English as a Second Language (ESL) in Japan.</div>
She gets her classes to do a Christmas Card exchange each year- this was my message to my assigned student this year.
Happy Christmas to you!
Santa Claus has a special meaning to kids in the usa.
Does he mean the same thing in Japan?
Children stay up late waiting for him.
Hoping to see him.
Waiting for the presents he brings.
Santa Claus brings hope to the Children of the World.
The IDEA of Santa Claus is important.
Not because he is jolly.
not because he is big.
because he brings wonder.
he brings hope.
he brings joy.
now you can too!
Anyone can be Santa.
Giving to others
bringing joy and hope
is all it takes.
Have a merry Christmas!
Copyright © 2013
Philip C. Robinson

-=( Cross-posted to/from InZenity )=-


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Wednesday, June 19th, 2013
2013-06-19-08.29 [Jun*Wed]
Philip C. Robinson – Top 5 Strengths (detailed)

Everybody has strengths, their unique combination of talents, knowledge, and skills. Strengths are the innate traits and abilities people use in their daily lives to complete their work, to relate with others, and to achieve their goals.

Below are my top five strengths. How well do you think they describe me?

Things happen for a reason. You are sure of it. You are sure of it because in your soul you know that we are all connected. Yes, we are individuals, responsible for our own judgments and in possession of our own free will, but nonetheless we are part of something larger. Some may call it the collective unconscious. Others may label it spirit or life force. But whatever your word of choice, you gain confidence from knowing that we are not isolated from one another or from the earth and the life on it. This feeling of Connectedness implies certain responsibilities. If we are all part of a larger picture, then we must not harm others because we will be harming ourselves. We must not exploit because we will be exploiting ourselves. Your awareness of these responsibilities creates your value system. You are considerate, caring, and accepting. Certain of the unity of humankind, you are a bridge builder for people of different cultures. Sensitive to the invisible hand, you can give others comfort that there is a purpose beyond our humdrum lives. The exact articles of your faith will depend on your upbringing and your culture, but your faith is strong. It sustains you and your close friends in the face of life’s mysteries.

The Strategic theme enables you to sort through the clutter and find the best route. It is not a skill that can be taught. It is a distinct way of thinking, a special perspective on the world at large. This perspective allows you to see patterns where others simply see complexity. Mindful of these patterns, you play out alternative scenarios, always asking, “What if this happened? Okay, well what if this happened?” This recurring question helps you see around the next corner. There you can evaluate accurately the potential obstacles. Guided by where you see each path leading, you start to make selections. You discard the paths that lead nowhere. You discard the paths that lead straight into resistance. You discard the paths that lead into a fog of confusion. You cull and make selections until you arrive at the chosen path—your strategy. Armed with your strategy, you strike forward. This is your Strategic theme at work: “What if?” Select. Strike.

You are fascinated by ideas. What is an idea? An idea is a concept, the best explanation of the most events. You are delighted when you discover beneath the complex surface an elegantly simple concept to explain why things are the way they are. An idea is a connection. Yours is the kind of mind that is always looking for connections, and so you are intrigued when seemingly disparate phenomena can be linked by an obscure connection. An idea is a new perspective on familiar challenges. You revel in taking the world we all know and turning it around so we can view it from a strange but strangely enlightening angle. You love all these ideas because they are profound, because they are novel, because they are clarifying, because they are contrary, because they are bizarre. For all these reasons you derive a jolt of energy whenever a new idea occurs to you. Others may label you creative or original or conceptual or even smart. Perhaps you are all of these. Who can be sure? What you are sure of is that ideas are thrilling. And on most days this is enough.

You are inquisitive. You collect things. You might collect information, words, facts, books, and quotations – or you might collect tangible objects such as butterflies, baseball cards, porcelain dolls, or sepia photographs. Whatever you collect, you collect it because it interests you. And yours is the kind of mind that finds so many things interesting. The world is exciting precisely because of its infinite variety and complexity. If you read a great deal, it is not necessarily to refine your theories but, rather, to add more information to your archives. If you like to travel, it is because each new location offers novel artifacts and facts. These can be acquired and then stored away. Why are they worth storing? At the time of storing it is often hard to say exactly when or why you might need them, but who knows when they might become useful? With all those possible uses in mind, you really don’t feel comfortable throwing anything away. So you keep acquiring and compiling and filing stuff away. It’s interesting. It keeps your mind fresh. And perhaps one day some of it will prove valuable.

You like to think. You like mental activity. You like exercising the “muscles” of your brain, stretching them in multiple directions. This need for mental activity may be focused; for example, you may be trying to solve a problem or develop an idea or understand another person’s feelings. The exact focus will depend on your other strengths. On the other hand, this mental activity may very well lack focus. The theme of Intellection does not dictate what you are thinking about; it simply describes that you like to think. You are the kind of person who enjoys your time alone because it is your time for musing and reflection. You are introspective. In a sense you are your own best companion, as you pose yourself questions and try out answers on yourself to see how they sound. This introspection may lead you to a slight sense of discontent as you compare what you are actually doing with all the thoughts and ideas that your mind conceives. Or this introspection may tend toward more pragmatic matters such as the events of the day or a conversation that you plan to have later. Wherever it leads you, this mental hum is one of the constants of your life.

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Thursday, June 6th, 2013
2013-06-06-14.02 [Jun*Thu]
Philip C. Robinson – Top 5 Strengths

The Clifton StrengthsFinder

As you may know, the Clifton StrengthsFinder measures the presence of talent in 34 categories called “themes.” These themes were determined by Gallup as those that most consistently predict outstanding performance. The greater the presence of a theme of talent within a person, the more likely that person is to spontaneously exhibit those talents in day-to-day behaviors. Focusing on naturally powerful talents helps people use them as the foundation of strengths and enjoy personal, academic, and career success through consistent, near-perfect performance.

Below are my top five themes of talent, ranked in the order revealed by my responses to the Clifton StrengthsFinder.

How well do you think these themes describe me?


People who are especially talented in the Connectedness theme have faith in the links between all things. They believe there are few coincidences and that almost every event has a reason.



People who are especially talented in the Strategic theme create alternative ways to proceed. Faced with any given scenario, they can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues.



People who are especially talented in the Ideation theme are fascinated by ideas. They are able to find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena.



People who are especially talented in the Input theme have a craving to know more. Often they like to collect and archive all kinds of information.



People who are especially talented in the Intellection theme are characterized by their intellectual activity. They are introspective and appreciate intellectual discussions.

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Tuesday, June 4th, 2013
2013-06-04-15.20 [Jun*Tue]
Available For Voice Work

Did you know I did voice work?

Yes, Philip C. Robinson does voice work!


This is a sample of my voice talent and range. I have a neutral, American accent and am open to direction.I can perform with a calm demeanor and modify up to ‘high energy announcer’.Take a listen to experience for yourself.



I Provided 8 different wav files for – using an Eastern Indian Accent, speaking english content. This was a fun project, which showcases my abilitiy to provide voice acting in addition to regular voice skills. As you can tell by my portfolio portrait, I am definitely not from India.  I provided a respectful, but distinct accent inflection, without specific regional dialect usage.


This was an intro / outro job for a podcast produced by It showcases a more relaxed, softer version of my speaking voice.


A 45 minute reading of an eBook on Veganism for this site I also spliced in intro music, in addition to producing the audio in multiple formats (1 large WAV, 1 large MP3, 16 smaller files – 1 set each of MP3 & wavs).


Standard ‘dial 1 for xxx, 2 for yyy’ voice work. This was for a brick-and-mortar retail outlet called towel depot. They requested the audio output saved to very specific formatting, which has a tendency to sound inferior on higher end PC based systems (but is perfect for PBX systems). This is using a variation on my ‘strong’ voice..


And a final fun project just for myself- me reading the Maurice Sendak story “Where the Wild Things Are”


So, if you have a project and are looking for a voice talent- please do consider me- Philip C. Robinson!

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Monday, June 3rd, 2013
2013-06-03-18.38 [Jun*Mon]
Enneagram Update – 2013

type9M Enneagram Update   2013

The Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI) Version 2.5

Questionnaire Date 6/3/2013 8:55:01 PM

An email containing your test results should be on its way to you, unless you did not provide your
correct email address. Before leaving this page, please ensure that it has arrived. If it has not, we
strongly recommend that you copy and save this page for your records.

Please note that clicking BACK or REFRESH on your browser will cause you to lose this page. However, all
of the links on this current page open in a new browser window so that you can refer to them without
losing this page.

The following numerical scores are calculated from your answers to the questionnaire.

Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 Type 5 Type 6 Type 7 Type 8 Type 9
14 20 15 14 20 14 13 7 27

Your results include expanded descriptions for the top three scores or near/ties on your
test—please follow the link on each type below.

Your highest score was for

Type 9.

Your second highest score was a tie between

Type 2,

Type 5.

For an expanded description of each type, click on the type above. The expanded description will open in a new
window. These will also be available as links from your results email.

Notes on the Results

Your Enneagram personality type is most likely the highest of these scores, and almost certainly among
the highest 2 or 3. Please do not base your self-typing on these results alone. As with
all personality tests, the RHETI is a means for beginning the process of your own self-discovery and
growth. In addition to your RHETI results, you should determine your type based on self-observation and
in-depth reading about the Enneagram types, starting with the descriptions of the most likely Enneagram
types above, and then our books, particularly Wisdom of the Enneagram, which is oriented towards spiritual transformation,
and Personality Types,
which is psychologically oriented.

Based entirely on highest score, you appear to have Type 9
personality characteristics.

Expanded descriptions of the Enneagram types are available to read and/or print out from the links on
your most likely types above; condensed Enneagram type
descriptions are also available. These most likely Expanded Type Descriptions are available only with
the online RHETI; however, you will always have access to these particular pages from the same links
in your results email.

To get a better understanding of your RHETI results, please see Interpreting Your TEST Results. For more in-depth information about the Enneagram
and Enneagram typing, see our books.

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Friday, May 24th, 2013
2013-05-24-10.34 [May*Fri]
A Few Thoughts On How To Love

Every person you encounter has something to teach you, and something to learn from you. It is unfortunate that the territory is a bit more complicated to navigate the further we make it through life. However, the map is not the territory! But you know what? We are in charge of ourselves. Just like everyone else. We can choose to be victims, or we can choose to master ourselves. But we get that choice.

We can also choose to simply love. Love for the sake of loving.
Broadcast love. Be a generator of love.

We can be vulnerable, we can be invulnerable.
It is entirely our choice.

Regardless of our past, regardless of our assumptions and choices about that past- we can move forward and become who we are meant to be. Not because or in spite of that past., but simply because of OUR CHOICE!

I am so sorry that in some cases the past experiences have been traumatic, have been unwanted. Even for some, our current circumstances may not be ideal.

Guess what?
We can CHOOSE what to do about it, what to make of it, and move forward powerfully and intentionally.

One way to do this is to simply BE LOVE. Choose to love. It will attract a variety of wonderful things, people, circumstances and experiences.
Even ones that can be perceived as bad or wrong can be transformed by our CHOICE to use love as a transformative power.

you’ve impacted people when you choose to bring love to them. Doesn’t have to be physical love. Doesn’t have to be traditional love. It just has to be genuine, heartfelt and freely given.

Can you do this?
Of course you can.

Let go of judgement, excuses, past memories, attachment and expectations about specific outcomes and CHOOSE to be love.

Watch magic happen.

I <3  you.
No strings, no expectations, no judgements.
Just love….

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Saturday, November 12th, 2011
2011-11-12-23.30 [Nov*Sat]
Under the Radar
It's been so very long since I posted much of meaning, whether here or on my home domain's blog...

For awhile, I had the means to post there and have it cc this place.
I've really enjoyed LiveJournal, such as it was - a means to vent, to post self-transformative monologue.

In some cases, interact with some really amazing people (most of whom have moved on to more or less social places)...

I wonder if any of my old friends still linger?

I wonder if my old demons have been kept happy and quiet, entombed in the annals of LJ - sitting here, languishing.
Have they provided any insights into a better life, guiding others?

Those such postings are also over at my blog- I mirrored everything that started here, over there...
I could track it better.

Although, while I posted here for myself, I always did harbor the hope that others would be moved to positive action, as a result of my private sharings..

Often, we contemplate the nature of our impact on humanity-- at least, those who reflect on such things, and mostly at moments when they feel they are most likely to leave this world.

Thank you , guys, for being my companions in this journey:

and now for the obligatory geek link of funniness:

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Wednesday, August 31st, 2011
2011-08-31-18.00 [Aug*Wed]
listening to "JuJuClub - Sentimental" on Blip
for you- @adelle888 LⒶSOTD #LⒶSOTD #songoftheday


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Saturday, August 20th, 2011
2011-08-20-18.15 [Aug*Sat]
listening to "Cowboy Bebop-Adieu" on Blip
This goes out to #glenys on her parting from Fukuoka


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Friday, June 17th, 2011
2011-06-17-21.32 [Jun*Fri]
21 Simple Ways to Live an Exceptional Life - Tips for Life
Everyone wants to live an exceptional life. The problem arises when it comes time to define what that means to you. If you embrace someone else’s definition of what an exceptional life is, you will end up disappointed sooner or later, because you alone have to determine what you want.

It can be tough to get clear on what you want, and you won’t always be perfectly clear, but the goal isn’t to be clear, the goal is to move forward and explore. If you knew everything, life would get boring fast. There has to be a degree of uncertainty to keep things interesting.

With that said, I thought I’d throw in a few ways on how you can get:

Be Kind

One of the first things you want to do in order to live an exceptional life is to be kind. Being kind is nothing special, yet at the same time it is. It can be smiling at people in your neighborhood, or helping a friend out. Treat people as you would like to be treated.


Become a lifelong learner. Study personal development material and incorporate the lessons you learn into your own life.

If you do this, you will see your life transform in more ways than you can imagine right now, because even one new tweak each and every week will yield powerful results in a few years.


We all have physical bodies, and the better you take care of yours, the better you will feel. When you exercise regularly, not only will you have more energy, but you will also have more clarity and sense of purpose.

I know that you’ve heard this over and over. However, most people still haven’t applied it and taken action. If you are in this group, you have to ask yourself why!

Face Your Fears

Everyone has things that they are afraid of. The truth of the matter is that when you face your fears, they melt away.

What happens is that you realize that your fears are nowhere near as scary as you make them out to be. So face your fears and go after what you truly want, because that is what you deserve.

Release Blocks

Throughout our lives we’ve picked up strategies and ways of doing things that aren't helpful anymore.

There are easy and elegant ways to release emotional blocks and negativity in your life. I personally recommend NLP and EFT, but you may want to do some research and discover what fits with you.

Set Goals

Setting smart goals can be as simple as writing down what you want to accomplish in three months, one year, five years, and ten years.

Sometimes you won't reach your goals, but they help you move in the right direction. Set goals, and become clear about what you truly want to achieve and accomplish in life, as well as how you want to feel when you’ve got it all.

Dream Big

Don't be afraid to dream big. If you’ve always visualized being a world renowned writer, then go for it and see what happens.

It may come to pass, or it may lead you onto another path that may be even more fulfilling than the one you thought you wanted. Life has a way of surprising you from time to time, so plan for it.


There's no need to clutter up your life. When you simplify and get rid of the stuff that you don't need, you will feel more clear and better about yourself.

You don't have to spend all your money on “stuff,” because what we truly want is to feel good, and the best experiences in life are free anyway.


Meditation literally opens new doors in life and in your mind. At least that is what I have experienced, having meditated for almost a decade.

Meditation is as simple as focusing your attention on one thing. It could be focusing on your breathing when you're washing the dishes, or just noticing your muscles as you're outside taking a walk.

Be Yourself

Almost everyone has been taught that being yourself is not enough. But you may also have realized that you cannot not be yourself, because that is what and who you are.

You are on this blue planet of ours for a reason, and the only way you can do what you were meant to do is by being yourself.

Be Honest

I don’t know about you, but honesty and integrity are values that are very high up on my list. If you want others to treat you with honesty, then you have to be honest. That means not telling small lies that might make your life easier. Become aware of the fact that there are no harmless lies.

Focus on Your Strengths

Life is too short to worry about things that you're not good at, and may not even like. If you like something and aren't good at it yet, then go ahead and learn more about it.

But you don't have to improve your weaknesses, because you can just focus on your strengths and become even more exceptional.

Trust Your Heart

In the beginning it can be difficult to trust your heart because your mind tends to get in the way. But, once you start following your heart and realize that it guides you in the right direction, your mind will have enough proof to trust that your heart knows what it's doing.

Besides, when you start trusting your heart, your life becomes much more interesting, and dare I say: exceptional.

Eliminate Excuses

Life is too short to make excuses and avoid doing what you really want to do.
There is no such thing as security or comfort. Most people that have security and comfort are bored out of their mind. And when you're bored, it means that you are shutting yourself out from what the world has to offer. So go ahead and face your fears, eliminate your excuses, and go after what you truly desire.

Kill Perfectionism

Perfectionism has killed many dreams; don't let it kill yours. You’ve probably learned that making mistakes is bad, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

It isn't until you fail and make mistakes that you begin learning what works and what doesn't. We are all different, so we have to travel our path and discover what we truly want from life.

Explore the Weird

Don't hold yourself back from exploring the weird parts of life. I know there are things that you enjoy that you are afraid of enjoying fully, because of what others would think of you.

There are people out there in the world just like you. And you aren't going to feel fulfilled until you embrace the entirety of who you are.

Surround Yourself with Awesome

When you surround yourself with exceptional people, your life will become exceptional. If you have friends that drain you of energy, it's time to let them go.

It's time to set boundaries for what you allow into your life, if you want to live a truly awesome and passionate life. It can be done, but the decision always starts with you.

Learn from Negativity

Often the most negative events in our lives end up teaching us valuable lessons that come in handy down the road. When you are experiencing negativity, it may not feel like it is there for a reason, but it is. This is what experience has shown me to be true, but I may be wrong.

You’ll just have to go out there and find out for yourself, won’t you?

Enjoy Life

And above all else, remember to enjoy life and smell the roses. When you walk, remember to breathe deeply and be grateful for what you already have.

You can always want more, but stop and appreciate what you already have, because if you don’t do it now, when will you?

Find Your Passion

Personally, I think finding your passion in life is one of the most crucial things you can do, because it gives you a sense of purpose and it makes you feel fulfilled.

When you find your passion, it will carry you through the tough times and help you create the life of your dreams. But it all starts by asking the question: What makes you come alive?

Follow Your Passion

Once you've found your passion, it's time to start taking massive action in making it a reality. I started doing this just a few years ago, and I'm amazed at how far I've come in this short period of time.

You, too, can do this if you truly decide to start right away. It's easy to put things off and wait for the perfect moment, but if you do that, you will be waiting for the rest of your life.
Do you really want to do that, or would you like to start now?

Written on 6/16/2011 by Henri Junttila. Henri writes at Wake Up Cloud, where he shares his personal tips on how you can live the life you know you deserve. When you feel ready to take action, get his free course: Find Your Passion in 5 Days or Less. And if you liked this article, you will enjoy one of his top articles: 77 Great Quotes That Will Change Your Life.


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