Bedlam (bedlaminzenity) wrote,

Available For Voice Work

Did you know I did voice work?

Yes, Philip C. Robinson does voice work!


This is a sample of my voice talent and range. I have a neutral, American accent and am open to direction.I can perform with a calm demeanor and modify up to ‘high energy announcer’.Take a listen to experience for yourself.



I Provided 8 different wav files for – using an Eastern Indian Accent, speaking english content. This was a fun project, which showcases my abilitiy to provide voice acting in addition to regular voice skills. As you can tell by my portfolio portrait, I am definitely not from India.  I provided a respectful, but distinct accent inflection, without specific regional dialect usage.


This was an intro / outro job for a podcast produced by It showcases a more relaxed, softer version of my speaking voice.


A 45 minute reading of an eBook on Veganism for this site I also spliced in intro music, in addition to producing the audio in multiple formats (1 large WAV, 1 large MP3, 16 smaller files – 1 set each of MP3 & wavs).


Standard ‘dial 1 for xxx, 2 for yyy’ voice work. This was for a brick-and-mortar retail outlet called towel depot. They requested the audio output saved to very specific formatting, which has a tendency to sound inferior on higher end PC based systems (but is perfect for PBX systems). This is using a variation on my ‘strong’ voice..


And a final fun project just for myself- me reading the Maurice Sendak story “Where the Wild Things Are”


So, if you have a project and are looking for a voice talent- please do consider me- Philip C. Robinson!

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