Bedlam (bedlaminzenity) wrote,

Limits to Love and Attraction?

This is my firm belief.

The only limits to love and attraction are the ones we ourselves allow to put on ourselves. whether because we &;buy into&; societal pressures, cultural norms or other programming&;we are capable of loving at such a grand scale, but hold ourselves back- often due to this programming and/or fear associated with the &;need&; to control us via this programming.

If this scares you, I would request you examine WHY this is a scary concept for you? If your answer is, because the law/bible/somebody&;s rules&; say this is &;wrong&;- you EXAMINE. DEEPLY examine whether this is truly an accurate reflection of reality? It may be that for *YOU*, such levels of loving or being attracted may not be available- but can you imagine or see that it could be available for others? If it isn&;t accessible to you- some self-reflection might help you better understand why this isn&;t something that you can see for yourself. It could be that you simply haven&;t imagined the possibility, or are uncomfortable or even afraid of this possibility?

If, after examining for yourself why this statement might make you uncomfortable- you can start expanding your boundaries easily by imagining that you love or feel goodwill at least, to others you already meet and interact with. Attraction doesn&;t have to be part of the equation- just goodwill and compassionate Love for others can help you grow further into the idea of being able to Love without limits.

Try it. It might be a fun experiment!

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Tags: blogging, consciousness, inspirational, love
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